On the roads of the Acadian people

On the roads of the Acadian people

Acadie carte commuautés

Map of Communities

The map allows you to click on the acadian community of your choice to find the historical article dedicated to it.

Geographical Areas

Acadian communities are explored by geographic area (state, province...) to better promote their regional history.

Acadie femmes

Historical capsules complement the articles of the Acadian communities by providing a side perspective often crossing cultures and symbols.

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Bibliographical References

A project envisioned as a travel book


A website designed to explore the history of Acadian communities in the world, to evolve over time and to create a real momentum.

Evolution of the website

Mise en ligne des articles

We work hard to put online all the articles, come back regularly!

Your feedback may enrich this website, enlarge our field of knowledge and contribute to a vibrant Acadia. You may send us photos of your communities. We will insert them with pleasure into the articles if need be.

Articles continuously updated

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