– The Rance River estuary’s great gathering

saint malo

From November 1758, the city of Saint-Malo, the corsair city, and its neighboring villages, close to the estuary of the Rance River, played a major role in the welcoming of Acadian refugees in France. Certainly, Acadian refugees, mostly from Isle Saint-Jean (present-day Prince Edward Island) have also landed in several other ports in the North … Read more

– Acadian memory is alive and well

belle ile

The event was highly symbolic and showed with brilliance that the Acadian memory of Belle-Île-en-Mer is alive and well. On June 11, 2016, Belle-Île-en-Mer commemorated the 250th anniversary of the settlement of 78 families of Acadian refugees (363 people) in 40 villages in the four parishes of Le Palais, Bangor, Locmaria and Sauzon. In the … Read more

– Louisiana was not necessarily self-evident

Church Saint-Martin de Chantenay

From the autumn of 1775 to the spring of 1776, Nantes saw the arrival of the largest gathering of Acadian refugees in France (nearly 1,400 people). After the failure of the colony of Poitou, dear to the Marquis de Pérusse des Cars, the Acadians had no longer a choice. Nantes was the first step toward … Read more

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